Have you ever been in a situation when you’ve thrown a dinner party and ended up having a dirty vanilla-dyed nylon carpet with all the stains from last night’s merry-making? It’s the anxiety of not being able to make the carpet look good again that’s really bothersome, isn’t it?

It’s best to know you’re not at the losing end as far as cleaning up the carpet is concerned. Science has become the best ally of most mothers and cleaners when it comes to keeping carpets fresh and odor-free. Through research and years of testing, carpet cleaning mornington peninsula experts have come up with four basic and most effective methods that may be used either by ordinary cleaners or professional service provides to clean up any type of carpet.


Read on to know more about how to clean the carpet the best way possible.

The Dry Powder Method

This method uses carpet absorbent cleaners which do not require large amounts of water that will keep the carpet wet. The dry powder absorbent solution contains only a small amount of water as well as detergent and solvent. Available at any hardware or home solutions stores, these kinds of products are able to dissolve dirt and soil to make it easier to vacuum. For best results, spray the solution onto the carpet and gently brush the stain. Then thoroughly vacuum the carpet to siphon all the dissolved dirt. It is also best to vacuum first before spraying the solution. This method is typically used for maintenance cleaning that requires quick cleaning results and does not take up too much time to dry.

Carpet Shampoo Method

Carpet shampooing is usually used to make sure a thorough clean is done on the carpet. The solution used for this method contains sodium lauryl sulfate that allows heavy foaming. To clean the carpet, the foam is usually left to dry on the carpet overnight then vacuum the residues the next day. Professional cleaners use either cylindrical foam or rotary shampoo machines to apply the solution. For the cylindrical foam shampoo, an air compressor is used to generate dry foam. For rotary shampooing, cleaners use an ordinary rotary machine to wet the carpet then applies a carpet shampoo and whips the solution to a foam. While professional cleaners use this method to come up with a new-looking carpet, there is the risk of actually damaging the carpet over time and not thoroughly ridding it of dirt and bacteria.

Carbonated Cleaning

This method uses rotary or oscillating brush with an extension of stiff brush that is used to drive wet, damp or dry pads for cleaning. The carpet is sprayed with an ordinary cleaning solution or pads soaked on a cleaning solution may be use while driving the brush on the carpet. Most experts do not recommend this method because of its potential damaging effect on the carpet material and its ineffectiveness in really removing dirt and stains.

Steam Cleaning

Recognized by professionals as the best method for carpet cleaning, steam cleaning is the most common method used for hotels, commercial spaces and residences. It is said to have a deep cleaning action owing to its effectiveness in ridding the carpet of microorganisms as well as dirt. This method uses hot water with disinfectant solution and detergent that is finely sprayed onto the carpet and vacuumed. There are two ways to apply this method: ordinary spraying and vacuuming, and using a truck-mounted system. The truck-mounted system, unlike the ordinary manual spraying, does a better cleaning job and allows the carpet to quickly dry.

Choose the best method for cleaning up your carpet based on your needs and budget. The best way to go is to always keep in mind the welfare of the people using the carpet and not just worry of the outside “look” of the carpet.