I have this conversation with a customer when it comes to cleaning carpets probably every couple of weeks. It’s almost like people need to become quite dodgy in order to survive. That’s why more and more people are hiring carpet cleaning machines. To hire one might cost around $40 but at the end of the day it won’t make your carpets look any better and you can take that one to the bank!

cheap carpet cleaning machine

Recognise this piece of junk?

Majority of the time the real estate agent want to see a receipt from a professional carpet cleaning company to state that it’s been cleaned by ‘professionals’. Did ya get that last bit, professionals. Generally what happens is they go out and hire a machine then attempt to clean the carpets. Not knowing how to use the machine and trying to follow the manual can be a little bit tedious and almost difficult for some people.

What we use find is people that try to clean the carpets without using a carpet cleaning company are generally tenants moving out of the property at the end of the tenancy or lease. You could call it end of lease carpet cleaning. They’re trying to save money anyway they can because moving, is well… expensive! Removalist these days costs $500 plus then you have bond down payment (most properties require $1000 plus dollars), connecting utilities and internet ($300) etc, etc, the list goes on.….

So most tenants these days are trying to save money anyway they can because moving is so dam expensive. The cost of living has risen that much that people are trying to save money generally by cutting corners. That’s why carpet cleaning machines are popping up in most supermarkets as the company’s who own and hire them know people will rather hire a machine if it’s cheaper then pay a professional to do the job.

But here’s the clincher…

At the end of the day the real estate want to see your receipt to state that the property has been cleaned by a professional. And not only that, the machine won’t clean the carpet to the level or satisfactory of the real estate agent, so… therefore you end up wasting your money and you’ll probably wind up having to hire a professional in the end anyway.

Best thing to do is just hire a professional company from the start and avoid the headache altogether. These days they are a bit pricey but when it’s all said and done they’ll probably remove most stains and get the carpets looking amazing again anyway. That’s all the real estate agent really want anyway. They just want to impress their landlord and re-rent the property out as quickly as possible. To save yourself a headache pick up the phone and contact a local carpet cleaning company and stop cutting corners!