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Are You Getting a New Couch?

Are you getting a new couch ? You looking to upgrade your furniture? If you are one important factor to consider is having your carpets thoroughly cleaned by professional carpet cleaning company. There is no better time to clean your carpet then when there is no furniture in the room. The room is completely empty and waiting to be steam cleaned.

Couches in a living room take up majority of the floor space so it makes sense to have the carpet done while you remove the old couch and await the new one. When will you get another opportunity like that (apart from when you upgrade your couch which doesn’t happen too often) to have a professional company come in and thoroughly clean the carpets.

It’s also important for people in the house who suffer allergies, especially dust mite allergies and hay fever. Having the room empty will mean that you have the most thorough clean possible, which is important for you and your family’s health.

Most people don’t have their carpets cleaned regularly, so it’s a good opportunity for you to start thinking about having your carpets clean when you get a new couch. Plan ahead, that way not only will you have a nice new couch to come home to, but fresh and clean carpets also. There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful couch and dirty carpets.

Take pride in your home and book a professional carpet clean today. One of our friendly staff is waiting to take your call now, so call 1300 365 602.

Simple Tips to Deodorise Your Home

// Sometimes carpet over time can develop a smell or odour, this might mean it’s time to deodorize them. Baking soda is one of those products that is commonly used by people around the world to deodorize carpet. A lot of people try and avoid using harsh cleaning products such as solvents etc.

This isn’t good feel health let alone the environment. The good thing about baking soda is its gentle on the carpet, want to anyone living in the property and is also pet friendly.

The first thing you want to do is vacuum your carpet. This will remove any debris and dirt which is lingering and could affect the deodorizing process. Most people don’t realize that shoes carry a lot of dirt and oils into properties everyday which helps to break down the carpet fabric but not only that drives dirt deep into the top of fabric.

Let everyone know that you’re going to the deodorizing the carpet and try and get them to stay off the carpet until the cleaning process is finished. Now here comes the fun part. Grab your box or bag of baking soda and sprinkle it in the areas that are affected or that you’re wanting to treat. Don’t skimp on this part as baking soda is super cheap but in order for it to work properly you need to apply liberally.

Another good thing to do is use a plastic rake and gently right in the baking soda. Some people even add it to a shaker which seems to work well as baking soda sometimes clumps. Whenever possible try and use fresh baking soda as the old stuff seems to clump up and isn’t that effective. Fresh is best!

Just to

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    Why It’s Important To Protect Your Furniture and Carpeting on the Peninsula

Why It’s Important To Protect Your Furniture and Carpeting on the Peninsula

Let’s face it, we are getting super busy these days. Trying to juggle our family life and work life can be tiresome at the best of times. Most people generally are looking to increase their time with family and friends as opposed always working.

If you happen spill something on your beautiful couch or plush carpeting the first thing that comes to mind is “am I going to be able to remove it” and “is it going to cost me something?”

That’s why we always recommend to clients to use a good fabric protector like Scotch guard. Some products are designed purposely to create a run-off affect. Like Scotch guarding your couch for example will help when it comes to spills. Generally it will run straight off but then you have to remember it may run straight onto your carpet…

One of the best products to use and which doesn’t really cost too much is Colloidal Silica. It’s been around for a long time and has definitely stood the test of time. Most people use this product in the high traffic areas which attract a lot of soil. It’s good against the dry dirt but not too good against moisture. It can also make some fabric look a little flat.

Silicone is probably the best to use when it comes to repelling water. This product you’ll find in most leather cleaning products such as shoe polishes. It’s also a typical product used in industries such as hat making, coats, umbrellas and coverings such as tents. It’s also been used in the dry cleaning industry for a very long time.

Then you have the good old Fluoro chemicals which have been around longer than most repellents combined. They’re safe to

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Great Ways to Keep Your Carpets Clean With Deep Cleaning

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Cheap Carpet Cleaning – A Waste of Time

One thing I’m seeing more and more of these days is really bad carpet cleaning companies coming onto the market. I think it’s for the fact that you can buy a cheap carpet steam cleaning machine these days for under $5000 and start up a carpet cleaning business.

Most of these type of operators will advertise on sites like Gumtree and generally advertise cheap rates. This will definitely hook-in lots of business. The major problem with these types of operators are that they have had no experience whatsoever and half the time they don’t even need to know how to use the machine.

These type of operators are entering into homes all over the Mornington Peninsula and attempting to clean carpets. They could actually damage your carpet in the process especially if they use harsh chemicals. You just have to be so careful; but how you find out whether or not they can be trusted?

See if their website is up-to-date. Generally good operators will have a nice looking website, and I’m not just talking about a one page site they definitely will have more than one page outlining their services. The rogue cowboy as I call them won’t even have a website half the time and if they do, there will be something on the site that isn’t quite right.

Another really good source to find out if you are hiring a professional carpet cleaner is to check online reviews. Sites like true local and Womo will have a star rating and also would give customers opportunity to write a testimonials or reviews about that business. If that business can’t be trusted, you’ll see a general pattern with the reviews and generally they will be negative. This

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