In this day and age starting up a business isn’t too difficult. You need to be a little tech savvy and if you’re starting a trade like carpet cleaning, at least some experience. Carpet cleaning has become one of those industries where quite a lot of operators have started a business but failed quite rapidly due to the fact that they don’t have experience and thought it was an easy industry to get into to make a quick buck. So I guess the question arises do you get what you pay for when it comes to carpet cleaning?

…the answer in short is yes

There are quite a lot of carpet cleaning operators now that will undercut competition dramatically just to get the business. I recently saw this for a carpet cleaning Hastings operator. Unfortunately for the end user, this doesn’t mean you’ll get great value for money. More often than not you get what you pay for. Your carpets may be a little cleaner however, if you pay an extra 10 to 20% more, your carpets or upholstery could be looking amazing.

Unfortunately with the rise of inflation and cost of living a lot of people nowadays are looking for the cheapest option. And on top of that, they want an amazing result with a low price tag to match. Let’s face it… It just doesn’t happen. As I said, just paying a little more for a professional can make a HUGE difference when it comes to the quality of work carried out.

Firstly, professionals will use much greater quality machines. Remember, the machine does most of the work and by hiring someone who’s cheap you’re also hiring a cheap machine. When it comes to truck mounted and portable machines, most professionals will use truck mounted however this day and age portable machines are becoming more and more popular due to the high-quality pressure and vacuum power that is being produced, plus carpet cleaners are opting to carry a portable machines as opposed to having a truck mount due to the… well … portability factor.

The cheap carpet cleaner will hardly ever remove any stains from your carpet. I’ve seen this in the carpet cleaning industry countless times through actually employing many third-party carpet cleaners to carry out the work (in the past). Most don’t even carry any stain removal chemicals or equipment to get the job done right.

They end up telling the customer that that stain can’t be removed and the customer accepts the excuse and end up paying the bill. Most professional operators will do their best to try and remove as many stains as possible, and if they can’t remove any, they will explain to the customer why. This is the value for money. When you’re paying someone to clean something you want it clean right? Why pay someone to do half the job is what they’re supposed to when paying a little more can make a huge difference to the end result.

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