Our move out carpet steam cleaning services are perfect to tenants who are the end of your lease and looking to get your bond back in full. A lot of the time the agent will request a receipt so say that the property has been professionally steam cleaned.  Generally most tenants will hand in a receipt when handing back the keys.

Depending on the agent or landlord, some will ask tenants to have the carpets professionally cleaned at least every 12 months but there is no law to stipulate this. Obviously as a tenant you have to look after the property. Vacuuming on a regular basis and cleaning up any spills once they happen will fall under ‘normal incidence of living’ which means that the agent has to take into account fair wear and tear.

When you move out of a property it’s important for a tenant to hand back the property in decent condition taking into account fair wear and tear. That means as a tenant you don’t have to hand the property back exactly the same as when you moved in. A lot of agents don’t take into consideration fair wear and tear.

Agents and landlords will try and have you steam clean the property when you move out but there is no law under the residential tenancies act to enforce this. Just keep in mind if you signed an agreement to state that you will have the carpets steam cleaned when you move out, then you will be obliged to do so.

If the property floods for example due to a leaking pipe, then you are in no means obliged to pay to have the carpets steam cleaned or replaced, that is the landlord’s responsibility.