The Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for carpet to dry after a cleaning?

The time varies based on humidity and the type/density of your carpeting.  On average after a steam clean you can expect 4-8 hours and after a dry cleaning about 1-2 hours for complete dryness.

What can I, myself, do to get rid of spills and soils on my carpeting?

When spills happen, the best way to deal with is right away, by dabbing the soil with a clean towel or cloth.  It is very important that you do not rub, as this will just grind the stain further into the carpet.  If the stain is still visible, keep blotting.  Change to a new towel or cloth when the colour starts to transfer.  If this did not get rid of your spot, call one of our Mornington Peninsula Carpet Cleaning experts for advice.  Please do not use generic cleaners on spots as they may make the spot permanent.  Any red or brown coloured soil will require a professionalremoval, but feel free to try the above blotting method immediately to remove as much of it is possible.

Do you require an electric and hot water connection?

Yes.  We will need both electricity and hot water to remove the stains in your carpets

How often should my carpets be cleaned?

This really depends on the amount of traffic going through your home.  Most households only need a good carpet cleaning once a year.  Businesses should have their carpets cleaned more often as they are susceptible to high traffic.  The longer you wait in between cleanings the more you put your carpet in danger for premature wear.

How long should I stay off my carpet after your service?

You do not have to worry about staying off the carpets at all.  They will be a little damp, but as long as your shoes, feet, paws etc. are clean, you don’t have to wait.       

Will all my stains be removed?

Our technicians are highly trained and use an array of specialised cleaning solutions, but if a spot has been set into your carpet, we may be unable to get it up.  So no, there is no promise we can get all the stains up, but please call us and we can take a look and discuss your options.

What do I need to do to prepare for your visit?

Please vacuum the carpet to be cleaned and remove any fragile items that may be in the way.  We are unable to move heavy furniture, but we are happy to clean underneath and around them.

Why Should I choose your Mornington Peninsula carpet cleaning services?

Our technicians are so highly trained and competent that we offer a 100% guarantee on your happiness with our work.  We strive to do the job right not just the first time, but every time!

When should I clean upholsteries and mattresses?

Mattresses should be sanitised every 6 months to remove dirt, dust mites etc. Upholstery should be cleaned every year or when needed.

What do I do if my washing machine, sink or bathtub over flows onto the carpet?

Immediately lay towels over the water, and as they begin to become soaked, keep replacing them.  DO NOT apply pressure, as this will push the water underneath the carpet.  Place a fan opposite the mess and open windows if you are able.  Call our Mornington Peninsula Carpet Cleaning services immediately.  We will get out there as soon as possible and get the rest of the water out of the carpet, as well, as apply a treatment to prevent mold growth and discolouration of the carpet.