Pet Stains

In most homes our pets are like family and sometimes they have accidents on our carpets.  Being a pet owner, there is always the expectation that at least once, this will happen to you.  Urine, vomit, fecal matter will end up soiling your carpet if not treated the right way.It’s very helpful to know how to handle these stains when they occur, so that you do not have lasting damage and can keep your home sanitary and hygienic.

Removal of Pet Stains withOur Professional Process

Most of the time, stains and odours left by pets can be removed by our Mornington professional carpet cleanerswith a special surface treatment, followed by a good steam clean and deodourise of the carpet.  If you happen to witness your pet’s accident, dab the area with paper towels or use a wet/dry vacuum, if you can, to get out as much of the liquid as you can.  Then very gently dab the spot with a clean damp cloth and then with a clean dry cloth.

You will still want to call Mornington Peninsula Carpet Cleaning because without a professional carpet cleaning, your carpet will still have bacteria and odour traces left behind.  By taking action as quickly as possible, you will definitely help with the prevention of the stain.  You can try applying urine treatments and deodourisers to the carpet, but if the padding underneath has been affected; the following steps must be taken:

  • The carpet must be pulled up
  • The padding replaced
  • The floor underneath washed and sealed
  • Both the top and the bottom of the carpet need to be treated for sanitation and odour
  • The carpet will then be put back down and cleaned again.

A Secret in Battling Pet Urine on Your Carpet or Rug:

If you have an old pet or new puppy you may need to clean the carpets more often than not so we’ve put together a cleaning recipe to help you with your quest for clean and hygienic carpets. This recipe uses inexpensive ingredients you probably already have around the house to do the job.

WARNING: This recipe is usually safe for most carpets however, we are not responsible for any damage to your carpet or rug if you so choose to try this recipe.  We suggest you spot testout of site, generally in a cupboard is best. Never use products that are based in ammonia as pet urine is also ammonia based and this will only attract your pet to continue going in that same spot.

If your furry friend has soiled washable cushions, our recommendation is to clean them with Bio-Zet laundry detergent as it has enzymes to get rid of the bacteria and smells caused by pet urine. Another thing to note, pet urine itself can bleach carpet. Using the following recipe will not reverse this.

Gather together the following ingredients:

  • A mild dish soap
  • No more than 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (more than 3% will bleach your carpet)
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar, White only

Now follow these instructions:

  1. Soak up as much of the liquid as you can by using a clean rag or paper towels.
  2. Mix together a solution of equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle or soak a clean white cloth in the mixture.  Spray or dab the spot with the mixture.  Do not rub but gently dab the spot as dry as possible with paper towels or an old towel.  If you have access to a wet/dry vacuum use that as it will make the process easier.
  3. Next you lightly shake a handfuls worth of Baking Soda on the spot.  Now mix ¼ cup of Hydrogen Peroxide and teaspoon of dish soap into a spray bottle.  Spray this mixture over the baking soda.  Wearing rubber gloves, if you do not have a carpet brush, use your fingers to gently work this mixture into the carpet.
  4. After the spot is completely dry, vacuum up the Baking Soda.  The dried Baking Soda may need to be loosened with a firm bristled brush, but do not be too rough while doing this as you may damage the fibers in your carpet.
  5. Use a clean damp cloth to continue to blot the spot to remove as much of the chemical as possible.