Rugs are a great way of protecting carpets, they add colour and warmth and are great to have in a home if you have kids or pets and you’re wanting to prolong the life of your carpets. We do all of our rug and upholstery cleaning on-site and the process and service is identical to that of our carpet cleaning .

So Why Choose Carpet Cleaning Mornington Peninsula Rug Cleaning?

Just like ours stain and spot removal, we first check the rug to see if the dye will run. This is also known as a patch test. This will check the colourfastness of the rug before we undergo any cleaning. The good thing is rugs are generally the same fabric as carpet making them easy to steam clean.

There’s no need to drop your rugs off to have them professionally cleaned as our Mornington Peninsula service comes to you. Having an on-site carpet professional rug cleaner clean your rugs will save you a lot more in costs as off-site services generally charge a premium, especially rug doctor and similar products and services. We don’t advise having dry carpet cleaning as it doesn’t clean deep into your carpet and rugs. And don’t bother with rug cleaner hire as this may damage your carpet, rugs and upholstery.

If you’re looking for all-round great value for money and professional service, then our Mornington Peninsula’s rug cleaning service is for you. If you’re after a quick rug cleaning price, call us on 1300 36 56 02.