Our Mornington Peninsula Carpet Cleaning’s Service Guarantee

All of our Mornington Peninsula Carpet Cleaning services guarantee results. We are so sure that our services and the results of our services will be so good that we can assure you will be no less than 100% satisfied with our work!  There is no additional charge to remove stains left by everyday traffic or minor liquid spills, as a standard steam cleaning will remove those.  Heavily soiled carpet is subject to an additional charge.

If blood, urine, coffee, ink or wine is the culprit for your stain, then your carpet will need special treatment for the removal of this and this service is also subject to additional charges.  However, if we fail to remove a stain, there is no charge.  You don’t pay for stains we can’t remove.  Our technicians will always discuss what process they recommend with you and what you can expect the cost to be before any work is done.

If stains are left for an extended period of time and have been treated with cleaning products and detergents, sometimes these stains become permanent and cannot be removed.  If this is the case, our technicians will discuss with you how we can make them less noticeable, even if we cannot fully remove them.