We get a real buzz out of removing stains

Our carpet cleaning Mornington Peninsula team are experts in removing stains. A lot of the time our Mornington peninsula customers will ask us what the difference is between say a spot or a stain? A spot is mainly due to something that has been spilt on the carpet either from a drink or maybe some food. What happens is the spot will attract dirt and grease and then turn black. Majority of the time the spot will come out with just regular steam cleaning however, our technicians will walk through the property to do a spot clean before we move on to the carpets steam cleaning process.


Stains caused by something spilling onto the carpet and therefore the carpet fibre has changed colour. Things like coffee, red wine, ink or food can change the colour of the carpet fibre if it’s not attended to immediately and if proper cleaning hasn’t been carried out.

Whether you have a stain that’s been sitting in a carpet for years, an ink spot which is being sitting on your office floor or a red wine stain that’s been bothering you since the last dinner party, our carpet cleaning Mornington peninsula technicians are experts in removing stains. The great thing is, all of our staff are highly trained in stain removal meaning that’s one less stain to worry about. As with all of our services our technicians will explain the best process on how to go about removing the stain from your carpet.

All of our Mornington Peninsula customers trust us for all of their spot and stain removal problems. Call us today for a free spot and stain removal quote on 1300 36 56 02 or email us here.