carpet protectorLet’s face it, we are getting super busy these days. Trying to juggle our family life and work life can be tiresome at the best of times. Most people generally are looking to increase their time with family and friends as opposed always working.

If you happen spill something on your beautiful couch or plush carpeting the first thing that comes to mind is “am I going to be able to remove it” and “is it going to cost me something?”

That’s why we always recommend to clients to use a good fabric protector like Scotch guard. Some products are designed purposely to create a run-off affect. Like Scotch guarding your couch for example will help when it comes to spills. Generally it will run straight off but then you have to remember it may run straight onto your carpet…

One of the best products to use and which doesn’t really cost too much is Colloidal Silica. It’s been around for a long time and has definitely stood the test of time. Most people use this product in the high traffic areas which attract a lot of soil. It’s good against the dry dirt but not too good against moisture. It can also make some fabric look a little flat.

Silicone is probably the best to use when it comes to repelling water. This product you’ll find in most leather cleaning products such as shoe polishes. It’s also a typical product used in industries such as hat making, coats, umbrellas and coverings such as tents. It’s also been used in the dry cleaning industry for a very long time.

Then you have the good old Fluoro chemicals which have been around longer than most repellents combined. They’re safe to use around pets and obviously humans and there are amazing at repelling spills from fabric. They don’t contain any harsh chemicals such as solvents as well. This will definitely make your carpet and upholstery look cleaner and stay fresher for a lot longer than any other product on the market.

If you have any questions about protecting your carpet, rugs or upholstery contact us and one of our carpet cleaning Mornington Peninsula staff will be happy to help.